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Updated August Schedule

August 3rd: PLC will be this coming Monday Night 6pm, followed by our regular Troop Meeting at 7pm, discuss positions for Troop Elections (held on the 24th)
August 7th:  Flag Ceremony at the Oread Hotel 1pm (contact Mr. Burdick if interested)
August 8th: Storm the Kasold 11-4 at Cabin
August 10th: Troop Meeting
August 14th – 16th  – Lazy Days Campout at Camp Bromelsick (campsite Peterson)
August 17th Campout Vote for 2015 and 2016. Come with ideas for great adventures!
August 18th – Troop Committee Meeting 7pm at Cabin
August 22nd – TLT for Scouts seeking leadership positions 8-12 at Cabin
August 24th – Troop Elections for Positions of Leadership
August 30th – Troop Planning Meeting at Cabin 2pm.

No Committee Meeting Tuesday July 28


No Committee Meeting Tuesday July 28. Leaders need a break after 10 days of camping. Enjoy your evening with your family! Scoutmaster Bob

No Meeting Monday Night – July 27th

No Meeting Monday Night. We just spent 10 days at Bartle so we traditionally do not have a meeting when we get back. We will see you next Monday for PLC at 6pm, then regular Troop Meeting at 7pm.

More days 7 and 8

Both Nick and Noah finished the mile swim this morning! Congrats boys !

IMG_0969 IMG_0978 IMG_0972 IMG_0973 IMG_0974

Bartle Days 7 and 8: Nice weather, a little humid though.

IMG_0991 IMG_0988IMG_0987 IMG_0985IMG_0984 IMG_0983

Day 5 and 6 Hot, then perfect temperatures at camp

Day 5, more merit badge classes, 12 called braves on workday and silence, 13 new Foxmen. Merit Badge classes, caving, rifle, shotgun, and pistol shooting. Lifesaving is getting tougher but our boys are up to the task. To top it off Ga Ga Ball. Crazy game, Scouts love it!

IMG_0939IMG_0943IMG_0954IMG_0948 IMG_0944IMG_0945

Visitor’s Day – Photos

To start off our visitor’s day, we all went to church. After our service finished all the scouts helped our beloved visitor’s unpack their food-filled cars and show them around our new homes. Once we had shown the visitor’s around we all had an outstanding lunch which included a troop favorite, pizza!At 3:00 o’clock the Dance of Joy occurred which featured some of troop 55’s tribesmen. To conclude this amazing day we had call night, where all the new Foxman, Braves, and warriors were selected.

IMG_0927IMG_0930IMG_0932IMG_0926 IMG_0935By: Ahmed Jakmouj