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Nov 3rd Meeting = PLC and Webelos Visitation

Another Big Webelos visitation night, we are expecting over 20 Webelos this time!

PLC at 6pm (all Senior Patrol Staff, the Troop Scribe, all Patrol Leaders, and all Quartermasters)

All other Scouts arrive at 6:30 pm to help set up the Tipi, Donuts, and Tomahawk range.

See you there!


Class B’s and Costumes for tonights meeting: Game Night

Class B’s and Costumes for tonights meeting: Game Night! Bring a game that you can play with other human beings, board game, cards, pokemon, magic… just no video games. Per the SPL.

Monday Oct. 13 Meeting Agenda

Patrol Meetings (prep for Blacksmithing Camp Out, vote on Bartle Camp and Session) Cooking Merit Badge class Iron Chef Pancake Cook Off – – bring your favorite pancake ingrediants (we have the mix – you add the blueberries, bananas, chocolate chips, etc.)1st year leaders are judges!  Don’t forget to bring your quartermaster $10 for food on the Blacksmithing Campout.

Saturday Oct. 11 Eagle Project and Monday Oct. 13 Meeting Agenda

Saturday Eagle Project

Mackey’s Eagle Project will be this Saturday (Oct 11) starting at 9:00 and going until until 3:00 or later. We will be building covered benches for the Lawrence Memorial Hospital in their rooftop garden. This is a great opportunity for anyone needing to get service hours to advance.

Address of hospital:
325 Maine St.
Enter in main entrance on Arkansas St. with the covered circle drive
Go to the 3rd floor and then go to the rooftop garden (just south of the elevator closest to the main entrance)

If you have any questions email me or call me, use the Troop Only info. to get this info. Or email Mr. Burdick

Monday Meeting Oct. 13 7pm

Patrol Meetings:

                     1.  Bartle Draw (vote on camp and session)

                     2.  Blacksmithing Campout prep (bring 10$ for your quartermaster, decide on patrol menu for campout, 2 breakfasts, 1 lunch, 1 dinner)

                     3.  Iron Chef Cook off:   Pancakes (add your own ingrediants to make them fluffier, tastier, and unique) First year leaders are the judges!

                     4.  Cooking Merit Badge Class with Mrs. Gates (don’t forget to print out your Cooking Merit Badge worksheets.

Gates Eagle Court of Honor – Sunday Oct 5th 2pm

Join the Gates Family for Michael’s Eagle Court of Honor on Sunday October 5th, 2pm at the First United Methodist Church (6th and K10).

Monday Oct. 6th – PLC 6pm – Troop Mtg 7pm

This coming Monday is a regular troop meeting at 7pm, PLC for all Senior Patrol Staff and Patrol Leaders at 6pm. All Quartermasters will meet in the cabin at 6pm also.