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Troop Campout Vote results are in and scheduled!

Troop 55 Scouts…here is your next year of camping!


September – Muzzleloaders

October – Pelathe District Camporee, Civil War Reenactment in Baldwin

November – Ft. Riley Army Base: Tanks, Museums, Tours, and Artillery

December – Wilderness Survival at Bromelsick


January – Salt Mines in Hutchison KS

February – City Museum in St. Louis MO

March – Devil’s Den, Spring Break Campout in Arkansas

April – Pelathe District Camporee

May – Quidditch/Blacksmithing Campout at Bromelsick

June – Watkins Mill near Excelsior Springs MO.,

July – Bartle Summer Camp, 4th or 5th Session?

August – Sink or Swim/Family Campout at Perry Lake


Troop Election Results


To our 5 candidates for SPL, nice job representing yourselves men. You spoke well and are destined for big things to come. For the next 6 months our new Senior Patrol Leader is….David! Congratulations and good luck!


Our Assistant Senior Patrol Candidates…Congratulations Lex, Avery, Quentin, and Connor!

Troop Elections Monday August 24Th

Troop Elections Monday August 24th. Email Mr. Burdick for your last chance to sign up for the elections.

No TLT tomorrow morning! Postponed until the 29th.

Troop Leader Training has been postponed until August 29th. We need more people to sign up, we have group activities to do!

Movie Night after the Meeting tonight!

drive in

7pm Troop Meeting

After the meeting, 8:30’ish  until Movie Ends: Movie Night at the Cabin
      We will be showing Harry and the Hendersons tonight on the side of the cabin after the meeting! Bring lawn chairs, blankets and bug spray. Mr. Tharp sets up a “drive in” atmosphere and we will have shaved ice for the kids. This is a family affair so bring the kids at the end of the meeting and enjoy.

Monday August 17th – Mtg. 7pm – Campout Vote for the Year

bsa plan

Okay Scouts it’s time for the yearly Campout Vote! Come with your ideas of what campouts you would like to do this upcoming year and present them to the Troop for a vote. Adults will finalize the schedule by setting the dates at the August 30th planning meeting. Below are the campouts that we are already committed to for the year.

Sept 2014 – Muzzleloaders

Oct 2014 – Pelathe District Camporee

Nov 2014 – ?

Dec 2014 – Wilderness Survival

Jan 2015 – ?

Feb 2015 – Hutchinson Salt Mines

March 2015 – ? (spring break campout up to 4 days)

April 2015 – ?

May 2015 – ?

June 2015 – ?

July 2015 – H. Roe Bartle Scout Reservation (summer camp)

August 2015 – ? (traditionally Lazy Days Campout)

Storm the Kasold was Fun!

Thanks to all the Scouts and Scouters who came out to help with Storm the Kasold. Tomahawks and cabin tours defined our day, along with the Heschmeyer’s telescopes with sun filters.  Tipi never went up due to rain then wind. Fun day for all.