Lazy Days Campout Agenda

August 26-28 at Camp Bromelsick

Bring rain gear!

Friday: Cabin Check in 6pm – leave for camp 6:45

Sat.: Lazy Days Camp Out – Fishing, hiking, camping, cooking, Trail to First Class, Merit Badge completions, etc. Whatever you want it’s Lazy Days. Your choice

Sun: Return to cabin 9am

Troop Meeting August 22nd

Busy night! Mr. Gabrielson is acting Scoutmaster tonight while Mr. Burdick has a school open house.

1. Patrol Meetings:
                 Campout Prep for Lazy Days at Camp Bromelsick – Bring your $10 for your Quartermaster
                 Talk about Elections for Leadership Positions next week.
2. We have a visiting international Scout from England who will speak for a few minutes.
3. Sign up for Leadership Positions, Elections are next week on August 29th. All Troop Positions of Responsibility must be approved by the Scoutmaster so sign up on the board in the cabin.
4. Kanwaka Township Hall Cleaning
5. Game at SPL’s discretion.
LHS has their Open House tonight so we may need some extra support from parents tonight. Please help out where you can.

Planning Meeting August 21st, 3pm at the Cabin

Planning Meeting Sunday August 21st, 3pm at the Burgess Scout Cabin. All adults (parents, committee members, etc. registered or not) should attend and give their input on the calendar. The Scouts have voted on the campouts they want for the time period of Sept. 2016 to August 2017.  We need to set the dates and organize Honchos for the upcoming year. Light snacks provided.

Congratulations Ahmed – Troop 55’s Newest Eagle Scout!

Congratulations Ahmed – Troop 55’s Newest Eagle Scout!


Monday August 15 Meeting 7pm – Movie Night after meeting

The Agenda for tomorrow is busy.

Scouts: Merit Badge Make ups from Bartle or any other merit badge incomplete and a game.
Adults: Help with Merit Badge make ups or help clean up excess lumber from behind the cabin with Mr. Lindner and Mr. Hafer (we get our new windows in this week and we have to remove obstacles)
Adults: This is your choice but I will need about 8-10 adults to help with merit badge make ups, a few adults to monitor Scouts who are done with merit badges, and the rest should bring work gloves to help Mr. Lindner.
After the meeting is a Movie Night on the side of the Cabin. Bring lawn chairs and bug spray!

Monday August 8, PLC 6pm Troop Meeting 7pm

Monday August 8th:

6pm: Patrol Leaders Council (all SPL Staff, Troop Scribe, All Patrol Leaders, All Quartermasters)

7pm: Troop Meeting (all Tribesmen need to attend)

Agenda: Campout Vote for next year – bring ideas for upcoming campouts, Bartle merit badge completions and work on incomplete, first years work on Advancement.

Eagle Scouts in the Olympics

Check out these 6 Eagle Scouts that are in the Olympics. Full article at the website.

Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 1.41.33 PM




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