Troop Training & Resources

Troop 55 Troop Leadership Training

TLT-National Honor Patrol Award Requirements


Intro to Leadership Skills for Troops

Packing a backpack handout

Cold-Weather Camping Training



BSA Leave No Trace

Boy Scout Troop 55 Acceptable Use of Personal Electronic Devices

Troop 55 Firem’n Chit Training

Troop 55 Totin’ Chip Training

Troop 55 Food Safety Training

Patrol Quartermaster Procedures

Shopping Hints for Quartermasters

MyPlate Food Guide


A Scout is Reverent Reference Book

Chaplains Aide Manual

Scout Worship Services


Troop Program Features Volume 1

Troop Program Features Volume 2

Troop Program Features Volume 3

Troop Program Resources

Patrol Leader Handbook

Coleman Propane Stove Instruction Manual

Coleman Propane Lantern Instruction Manual

Eureka Timberline 4 Assembly Instructions






FB Ch 1 Leadership & Trek Preparation

FB Ch 2 Outdoor Leadership

FB Ch 3 Becoming Fit

FB Ch 4 Planning a Trek

FB Ch 5 Outdoor Menus

FB Ch 6 Managing Risk

FB Ch 7 Implementing Leaving No Trace

FB Ch 8 Using Stoves & Fires

FB Ch 9 Hygiene & Waste Disposal

FB Ch 10 Traveling & Camping in Special Environments

FB Ch 11 Gearing Up

FB Ch 12 Navigation

FB Ch 13 Cold Weather Camping & Travel

FB Ch 14 Hot Weather Travel & Camping

FB Ch 15 Backpacking

FB Ch 16 Watercaft Adventure Safety

FB Ch 17 Canoeing

FB Ch 18 Kayaking & Rafting

FB Ch 19 Sailing

FB Ch 20 Bicycle Touring & Mountain Biking

FB Ch 21 Riding and Packing

FB Ch 22 Ski Touring & Showshoeing

FB Ch 23 Mountain Travel

FB Ch 24 Caving

FB Ch 25 Fishing

FB Ch 26 Search and Rescue

FB Ch 27 Understanding Nature

FB Ch 28 Observing Nature

FB Ch 29 Examining the Earth

FB Ch 30 Monitoring Weather

FB Ch 31 Plants

FB Ch 32 Wildlife

FB Ch 33 Watching the Night Sky

FB Ch 34 Being Good Stewards of Our Resources

Senior Patrol Leader Handbook Introduction








PRIMITIVE & SURVIVAL COOKING SKILLS for Wilderness Survival Campouts

Wilderness Survival Merit Badge Pamphlet v2010 35966


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