Recent Events & Photos

April 6-7, 2019 – Levi’s Eagle Project, Burgess Scout Cabin, Lawrence, KS

Levi and a bunch of Scouts tore down the old trash enclosure for our Charter Organization, Westside Presbyterian Church, and built a new larger enclosure on the other side of the parking lot. It was bigger and in a new location for the city garbage trucks to access easier with their new fangeled pick up devices.

April 6, 2019 – Pancake Feed Fundraiser, American Legion Hall, Lawrence, KS

Troop 55 held their annual fundraiser Pancake Feed at the American Legion Hall. Thanks veterans for helping us out! Troop 55 Scouts were everywhere, making pancakes, serving food and drinks, cleaning tables, taking out trash, and cleaning the hall afterwards.


March 2019 – Xavier’s Eagle Project, Baker Wetlands, Lawrence KS

Xavier and a variety of Scouts built bat houses for the Baker Wetlands. An awesome mosquito eating project! Yay Xavier…boo mosquitos.

March 14-17, 2019 – Razorback Sub Campout, Arkansas

13 Scouts and 5 Leaders trekked to Arkansas over Spring Break and visited the World War II Submarine Razorback and the tug Hoga. They toured and spent the night on the sub. The U.S.S. Razorback conducted five combat patrols during World War II, sinking Japanese vessels, capturing Japanese POWs and rescuing American pilots who had been shot down. At the end of WWII, she was one of only 12 submarines selected to be present in Tokyo Bay when the Japanese surrender was signed.They also camped and hiked at Devils Den State Park. Awesome adventure!

February 9-10, 2019 – Bromelsick Campout, Camp Bromelsick, Lawrence KS

A one nighter due to cancelation of Bartle in Winter Campout (snow and ice on roads – safety factor (but we got a snow day off school!)

January 18-20, 2019 – Strataca Salt Mine Campout, Hutchinson KS

28 Troop 55 Scouts and 7 Leaders were at the Strataca Salt Mines in Hutchinson KS yesterday and today. The Scouts and Scouters toured, hiked, and camped out in the mines 650 feet below the earth’s surface this weekend. Temperature in the mine, 68 degrees, temp on the surface, 17 degrees. Old mine stuff abounds and Hollywood keeps its props and films here for safe keeping and low humidty.


December 2018 – Movie Night, Burgess Scout Cabin, Lawrence KS

December 2018 – White Elephant Gift Exchange, Burgess Scout Cabin, Lawrence KS

December 2018 – Wilderness Survival Campout, Camp Bromelsick, KS


December 2018 – David Gates recieves Vigil Honors for OA! 

dgates vigil

November 3, 2018 – Jake Wolf Eagle Court of Honor, Lawrence KS

All of Troop 55 is invited to attend Jake Wolf’s Eagle Court of Honor this Saturday, November 3rd at 2pm. It will be at the Burgess Scout Cabin.

Screen Shot 2018-10-30 at 2.35.40 PM

October 26-28, 2018 – Battle of Black Jack, Baldwin City KS

ninteen scouts and seven leaders from our troop attended the Battle of Black Jack recently. We all had a great time learning about how the troops in the civil war fought and lived. After spending the morning learning fun facts about the Battle of Black Jack, we reenacted the battle!


October 24, 2018 – Kansas University, Lawrence KS

Troop 55’s Charlie and Xavier took first place at KU’s High School Design Challenge in robotics!!! Not only are they both Life Scouts working toward Eagle, they are also pretty darn clever, talented, and very tall! A Scout is…Inventive? Not sure why Emaad is sticking his head in the picture but he seems happy!

charlie and xavier

October 15, 2018 – Hammer and Nail Relay, Troop Meeting, Burgess Scout Cabin

The game we played tonight broke us into teams and we took one swing each to try to pound 3 nails into a log. It was tougher than it looks.

October 7, 2018 – David Gates recieves Vigil, Camp Nash, Bonnersprings, KS

Congratulations to Eagle Scout David Gates who received Order of the Arrows top honor, Vigil! Pictured with brother and fellow Vigil and Eagle Scout, Michael. Two outstanding young men devoted to selfless service in Troop 55.

gates vigil

October 1, 2018 – Troop Court of Honor, Westside Presbyterian Church, Lawrence, KS

Troop Court of Honor – rank advancements, merit badges, awards etc. We also brought in two new Scouts to the Troop (scarved by the SPL staff)! A good night had by all!

September 24, 2018 – Troop Meeting, Burgess Scout Cabin, Lawrence, KS

Boy Scout Pictionary game after the grubmaster/quartermaster training and patrol meetings. It was a blast! Can you draw a symbol for the words: troop, patrol, Tenderfoot, bronze palm, or Lifesaving Merit Badge? How about Iconium?

September 23, 2018 – Cooking Merit Badge Hike, Clinton Park Blue & White Trails

A perfect fall day for a hike and cooking on the trail! Three scouts and two scouters finished up cooking merit badge with a hike to Clinton lake Marina.


September 7-9, 2018 – Rifle and Shotgun Campout, Camp Falley, McLouth, KS

Troop 55 Scouts and leaders enjoyed awesome weather with perfect range conditions for shooting 22 rifles and 20 gauge shotguns at Camp Jayhawk (Falley Scout Reservation). Special thanks to Range Safety Officer Rod (Troop 59) for helping out.


August 27, 2018 – Troop Elections, Burgess Scout Cabin, Lawrence KS

Xavier hands over the reigns to George as the new SPL! Great job over the last 6 months Xavier…Good luck George and our four new ASPL’s, all with incredible experience!

August 17-19, 2018 – Lazy Days Campout, Camp Bromelsick, Lawrence KS

34 Scouts and 10 leaders enjoyed near perfect weather at Camp Bromelsick for the Lazy Days Campout. Cornhole tournament, wiffle ball, fire building, and animal and tree hikes made up the relaxing weekend. Oh yeah, and seed ticks. Lots of those little fellas around this year.


July 17-26th, 2018 – H. Roe Bartle Scout Reservation Summer Camp, Osceola, MO

We had another great time at Bartle this year, hiking to Iconium and seeing our families on Sunday! We look forward to another great time as we look at the past with joy!


May 3, 2018 – Troop 55’s Newest Eagle Scout, Jake Wolf

Congratulations to Troop 55’s Newest Eagle Scout, Jake Wolf. He successfully past his Eagle Board of Review last Thursday evening at the Pelathe District Roundtable.


May. 4-6, 2018 – Quidditch/Blacksmithing Campout, Camp Bromelsick, Lawrence, KS

36 Scouts and 11 Scouters enjoyed perfect camping weather for the 5th annual Quidditch/Blacksmithing Campout at Singing Coyote Campsite. There was a tie between Slytherin and Gryffindor, giving the trophy to both after an intense game. Scouts also made forks, spoons, strikers, and neckerchief slides with Mr. Chapman’s forge!

April 13-15, 2018 – Dunlap Farm Campout, Dunlap Farm, Lawrence, KS

30 scouts and 8 leaders showed up to join the freezing fun at the Dunlap Farm campout! First years got to learn about camping in 25 degree weather with 20 mph winds, and everyone learned about how HAM radios and radio waves work! We also fished and played corn hole.

March 16-19, 2018 – Spring Break Campout, Camp Bromelsick, Lawrence, KS

Awaiting update

March 2, 2018 – Ben Burger, Eagle Board, Burgess Scout Cabin, Lawrence, KS

Congratulations to Ben Burger who completed his Eagle Scout Board of Review! Our newest Eagle Scout. He is hanging his Eagle Feather with all the other Troop 55 Eagle Scouts on Monday night March 13, 2018.


Feb. 17-18, 2018 – Wilderness Survival Campout, Camp Bromelsick, Lawrence, KS

18 Scouts and 6 Scouters built shelters in the 57degree weather on Saturday and then felt the temperature plunge to 30 that evening. The Scouts built their cedar shelters from invasive junipers (they are taking over the meadow if unchecked). Then they did primitive cooking over the evening campfire. Mr. Peterson made hot fruit soup for dessert and everyone went to bed in the cedar grove and Campsite Peck’s prairie meadow.

January 2018 – IBEX Climbing Campout, Camp Bromelsick and IBEX (Blue Springs, MO)

December 18, 2017 – White Elephant Gift Exchange, Burgess Scout Cabin, Lawrence

Over 60 Scouts and Scouters attended, shared gifts, and ate cheese, crackers, sausage and an array of deserts. Angels wings, the Barbie movie, Dilly Dilly sign, remote control truck, candy, soda, portable camp shower, cell phone chargers, portable speakers, books, silly hats, etc. were the gifts exchanged at the annual White Elephant gift exchange.

December 8-10, 2017 – Cosmosphere Campout, Hutchinson, KS

28 Scouts and 7 Scouters enjoyed a weekend of camping and a camp in at the Cosmosphere in Hutch. Scouts earned Engineering and Robotics Merit Badges, took a tour, watched a lab with explosions, watched a movie on robots in the dome theater, and built battle bots. The younger Scouts won the battle bot competition. All the first year Scouts got to enjoy their first below freezing (27 degrees) campout in their new -10 rated sleeping bags. Its okay parents, they all survived!


November 2017 – Camp Naish Campout, Bonnersprings, KS

October 21, 2017 – Pelathe District Webelos Woods, F.O.P. Lodge, Lone Star, KS

6 Scouts and 2 Scouters attended the district’s Webelos Woods campout to help run the compass program for the Webelos 1’s and Arrow of Light Scouts. The Scouts designed and led a compass program which taught the Scouts basic compass skills and had the Webelos work through two different courses to show off their skills. A beautiful but windy day.

October 15-17, 2017 – Sink or Swim Campout, Perry Lake, Perry KS

23 Scouts and 7 Scouters enjoyed canoeing and kayaking on Perry Lake and refurbishing a trail for the Corps of Engineers on Saturday morning, then the storms hit. It rained and lightninged non-stop and we decided to bug out as the evening winds were accurately predicted to get worse. We still went back to the cabin and and the iron chef hot dog cook off contest. The dilly dilly dog won! While on the water we saw: sea gulls, loons, Canadian geese, ducks, marsh hawks, and about 30 pelicans (seriously we saw pelicans in Kansas)

September 22-24, 2017 – Scouting 500, Kansas Speedway, Kansas City, KS

35 Scouts and 9 Scouters packed up and headed out to the Kansas Speedway for the 2nd annual Scouting 500. We camped outside the race track and enjoyed a variety of activities including ziplines, archery, laser shotguns, the Scout Museum, building bird and bathhouses, doing plumbing, scuba diving, checking out army vehicles, razor trikes, race cars, too much to mention. Friday evening was a concert and Saturday evening was a Nascar Race just for the Scouts to watch. A great time had by all.


September 9-10, 2017 – Canoe the Kaw, LeCompton KS to Lawrence KS

7 Scouts and 3 Scouters finished up Camping Merit Badge with a 10 mile paddle and sandbar camp out on the Kansas River. The river level was perfect and the water not to cold. The group even saw 2 bald eagles, a bunch of herons, and 3 pileated woodpeckers. A good time was had by all.

August 18-20, 2017 – Lazy Days Camp at Camp Bromelsick, Lawrence KS

24 scouts and 8 leaders showed up for the annual lazy days campout. it is a tradition that we have this campout after Bartle so everyone can relax. We had a great time fishing, hiking, clearing areas, and playing games out in the woods. We also completed a lot of first year requirements during the campout!

July 17-26, 2017 – Summer Camp at H. Roe Bartle Scout Reservation

49 Scouts and 13 Scouters braved the hottest days of summer this year and had an absolute blast at Bartle. We camped at Camp Lone Star, campsite Mohican for the third year in a row. We hiked, camped, canoed, sailed, swam, visited Iconium, and drank slushies. All in all the boys earned 197 merit badges this year and we had 4 new Braves and 10 new Warriors. A great summer.

June 16-18, 2017 – Family Campout

14 Scouts and 8 Scouters braved one night of crazy unexpected weather. The Scouts had a blast fishing, hiking, and completing a compass course. The potential inclement weather a second night sent us home in the evening on Saturday.

May 12-14, 2017 – Quidditch/Blacksmithing Campout

34 scouts and 10 leaders enjoyed perfect weather as we gathered to “forge” another Quidditch Tournament! We did a lot of smithing thanks to Mr. Chapman and Mr. Peterson! Then we played some good old fashioned Quidditch and ate a HUGE feast afterward. Hufflepuff Won the Tourney with 3-0 in the matches. they won for the first time, and they were proud. many people had fun to with blacksmithing and forged many cool things! we hope you will join us next time when we play!

April 21-23, 2017 – Omaha Zoo Campout, Omaha Nebraska

40 scouts and 7 leaders went to the Omaha zoo in Nebraska. We had a great time sleeping in the jungle dome, playing with lions, and being able to see the zoo and how it functioned after hours. We played in the jungle dome till 11:00, then went to bed and slept in the humid environment. It was a great experience for all of us, and we hope anyone who didn’t come will come next time with us to the zoo!

April 18, 2017 – Andrew Burger Eagle Board, Burgess Scout Cabin, Lawrence KS

Congratulations Andrew Burger on being Troop 55’s newest Eagle Scout. Andrew successfully completed his Board of Review last night! Special thanks to District Advancement Representative Keith Wood, and the all star board: MarSue Mackey, Rod Hoffer, Chris Armstrong, Tom Sheely, Ed Luke, and acting Scoutmaster (Emeritus) Bob Burdick.

April 11, 2017 – David Gates Eagle Board, Burgess Scout Cabin, Lawrence KS

Congratulations to David Gates on successfully completing his Eagle Board of Review! Special thanks to board members, MarSue Mackey, Lief Gabrielson, Brad Lindner, District Advancement Chair Rich Bailey, and acting Scoutmaster (Emeritus) Rick Heschmeyer.

April 10, 2017 – Birthdays and OA Elections, Burgess Scout Cabin, Lawrence KS

Birthday Ambassador Colton had the honor of leading the Troop 55 birthday rituals for a Scout aging out (age 18) and a new first year (age 11). Hey moms notice how much they grow in 7 years of Scouting!

OA Elections are done and our new Ordeal Inductees were tapped out on Saturday April 8th at Camp Bromelsick. They were introduced to the Troop tonight.

April 8, 2017 – Cooking Merit Badge Hike, Clinton Lake, KS

13 Scouts and 6 Scouters enjoyed a perfect hiking day on the George Lathan Trail on Clinton Lake. They hiked, cooked meals on the trail, used compasses, and had a lot of fun. The boys finished up Cooking Merit Badge on this hike! Way to go guys!

April 1, 2o17 – Pancake Breakfast, American Legion Hall, Lawrence, KS

Troop 55’s fundraiser was a big success. Scouts cooked the pancakes, served the drinks, and cleaned tables in our Troop’s only fundraiser.

March 17-26, 2017 – Sea Base Bahamas Trek, Sea of Abaco, Bahamas

15 Scouts and 5 Leaders flew to Marsh Harbor, Bahamas for a high adventure on the high seas. First night was spent at the Pelican Beach Villas on the beach in Marsh Harbor. Beach  combing and coconut busting was the entrainment for the day. Conch for lunch. Day 2-7 were spent on the catamaran “Adonai.” A 56 foot long catamaran with Admiral Gail and Captain Ted as our guides. Two of the most chill people in the world! We sailed, snorkeled, caught a red snapper, barracuda, lobster, and conchs. We spent time wandering on islands and visiting a light house and small towns on Cays (pronounced keys). As we sailed we learned about how to raise the sails, drop and hoist the anchor, navigate the boat by map and gps, and were broken into crews for different duties on the boat.

March 18-20, 2017 – Spring Break Campout, Camp Bromelsick, Lawrence KS

18 Scouts and 9 Leaders enjoyed some nice spring weather at Camp Bromelsick for the Spring Break Campout. Cooking Merit Badge completion, field games and first year advancement were the activities of the day.

Waiting on pictures (sorry)

March 11, 2017  – Cooking Merit Badge, Burgess Scout Cabin, Lawrence KS

We had a good time learning about eating healthily and selecting a good meal for a group of people. We completed a decent amount of pages, and will meet again on March 18-20, Campout, Camp Bromelsick….Cooking on a campout (Requirement #5).

March 4-5, 2017  – First Year Camp In, Burgess Scout Cabin, Lawrence KS

March 4-5, 2017 – First Yz18 new first years, 4 Troop Guides, the 5 Senior Patrol staff, and 3 leaders attended the first year camp in. We walked to HyVee, made dinner with a Coleman stove, and leaned how to efficiantly select food. We also established patrols, and got to know each other more. We had a lot of fun and look forward our next meeting.


February 27, 2017 – New First Years/Wood Badge Beading, Burgess Scout Cabin, Lawrence KS

Congratulations to our 18 new Scouts and welcome to the best Troop in Lawrence KS! Along with the big evening for our new Scouts, Mr. Burdick completed his Wood Badge training and tickets and got beaded at the cabin.


February 20, 2017 – New Scoutmaster Eric Gabrielson, Burgess Scout Cabin, Lawrence KS

Congratulations to Scoutmaster Bob Burdick for his last 3 years of service to the Troop and welcome new Scoutmaster Eric Gabrielson. Mr. Burdick will now be an Asst. Scoutmaster and is not leaving us. He is taking on new roles and will be camp Scoutmaster at Bartle this year.

February 4, 2017 – Gates Wood Badge Beading, Pelathe Round Table Meeting, Lawrence KS

Mr. Gates finished up his Wood Badge training and tickets and got beaded at the Pelathe District Roundtable meeting. Great work Mr. Gates! Mr. Gates is an Assistant Scoutmaster in our Troop and the Pelathe District Commissioner.


February 3-5, 2017 – Pelathe District Klondike Derby, F.O.P. Lodge, Lone Star KS

19 Scouts and 10 Scouters attended the Pelathe District Klondike Derby just outside of Lone Star last weekend. The Scouts tested their skills in a variety of activities: rifle shooting for team points, team snow shoe race, flagpole lashing and balancing as a team, a memorization team work game, fire starting with flint and steel then burning through two strings and boiling a spaghetti noodle, and a first aid rescue station. We also did a group lunch with soup lines and crackers and ended the day with a cornfield sled race in which Troop 55 boys took first and third, then an evening with a campfire and awards.


January 29th, 2017 – Pelathe District 2017 Eagle Scout Dinner, Lawrence Country Club, Lawrence KS

Our seven Eagle Scouts from 2017 enjoyed an evening of dinner with their families and friends, conversation, and listening to guest speaker Dr. Vincent Francisco from the KU Department of Applied Behavioral Science. A special thanks to Rich Bailey the Pelathe District Eagle Scout Advancement Chair for all his hard work over the years with all of our Scouts.


January 23, 2017 – Klondike Derby sled building at cabin.


January 6-8, 2017 – IBEX Campout, Hidden Valley Camp in Lawrence KS, & IBEX in Blue Springs, MO

25 Scouts and 9 Scouters braved the winter chill at Hidden Valley on Friday night and then climbed and camped in the IBEX Climbing facility in Blue Springs MO Saturday night. The boys set up tents and camped at Hidden Valley and the temperature dropped to -3 overnight.  Proper cold weather training and equipment led to a bunch of happy campers in the morning and the boys spent the day hiking, sledding, exploring, and cooking outdoors breakfast and lunch. The Troop then packed up and made their way to Fazolis for dinner and then off to IBEX for climbing and belaying training, Climbing Merit Badge, and a whole evening of climbing fun. We had the whole facility to ourselves until we left at 8am on Sunday morning.


December 30th, 2016 – Movie Night Camp In, Burgess Scout Cabin, Lawrence KS

23 Scouts and 4 Scouters watched Star Wars Episodes 4, 5, and 6 (the originals) at the cabin. Everyone brought their sleeping bags and pads for the camp in and Mr. Tharp projected the movies on the big screen with surround sound. Snacks and breakfast were the fair. A great time was had by all.


December 26, 2016 – Nick Guerrero Eagle Board of Review

Congratulations to Nick Guerrero on successfully completing his Eagle Scout Board of Review. A special thanks to his board members; Rich Bailey, Gregg Winchester, Rick Heschmeyer, Eric Gabrielsson, Nancy Winchester, and Scoutmaster Bob Burdick.


December 19, 2016 – Holiday Party/White Elephant Gift Exchange, Burgess Scout Cabin, Lawrence KS

A packed evening of fun, goofy gifts, serious gifts, and cracker barrel foods! This years best gifts: popcorn, candy, a Royals snuggie, magic cards. The most unwanted gift: a Barbie Doll (someone’s little sister is not going to be happy this year). Our thanks to the mystery Santa who decorates the Cabin every year, and to Mrs. Winchester and Mrs. Khatib for organizing the food and drinks.


December 18, 2016 – Sadra Gerami Eagle Court of Honor, Burgess Scout Cabin, Lawrence KS

Congratulations to Sadra on his fine Eagle Court of Honor!  A host of family, friends, and of course Scouts and Scouters attended. A special thanks to Bishop Seabury Teacher and Troop 60 Eagle Scout Chris Bryan for delivering the Eagle Charge and Oath to Sadra. The picture below is all of Sadra’s fellow Troop 55 Eagle Scouts helping him hang his Eagle feather in the cabin.


December 12, 2016 – Iron Chef Inter-Patrol Competition, Burgess Scout Cabin, Lawrence KS

Iron Chef competition ended with amazing dishes, well plated on camp cooking gear. Thanks to our first year leaders for putting their taste buds on the line. (ps. the food is not always this awesome – you guys were lucky!) The winning patrol….Thunderbolt Patrol. The Spartan Patrol declared that the judging was rigged by Russian hackers, while the Hawk Patrol demanded a recount. Either way, the fried pita chips were definitely the hit.


November 19th, 2016 – Kanza District Merit Badge Academy, Atchison, KS

29 Scouts and 9 Scouters attended the Kanza District Merit Badge Academy in Atchison. The Scouts have been working on all the Citizenship badges, Welding, Plumbing, Home Maintenance, Family Life, Automotive Maintenance, Medicine, and Farm Mechanics. Pizza for lunch.


November 16th, 2016 – A New Eagle Scout!

Josh Waisner successfully completed his Eagle Board of Review at the Burgess Scout Cabin to become Troop 55’s 149th Eagle Scout. Special thanks to his board members: Mr. Bailey, Mr. Burdick, Mr. Luke, Mrs. Winchester, Mrs. Jakmouj, Mr. Fox, and Troop 60’s Scoutmaster Mr. Wellman.


November 4-6, 2016 – Bartle in Winter Campout, Osceola, MO

24 Scouts and 10 Scouters enjoyed unseasonably nice weather in the Missouri Ozarks for a hiking adventure. Everyone set up their tents in the dark on Friday got to bed and hit the trails early in the morning. The 6 mile roundtrip hike took everyone out to Cedar Bluffs where the boys went through several caves, hiked along the lakeshore, and made the most of the rocky hills in fall. After lunch on Saturday the group headed to Iconium MO. (pop. 35) and visited Scott’s General Store for an afternoon snack. The evening was filled with time around the campfire, magic cards, foil hat wearing, and weef cracking. A good time had by all and the leaders ate incredible dutch oven meals.


November 5th, 2016 – Dedication of Kriz Meadow and trail markers at Camp Bromelsick

Pelathe District, the Bromelsick Foundation, and Troop 55 representatives attended the ceremony at Camp Bromelsick to dedicate the Kriz Meadow for the Kriz Foundations support of Camp Bromelsick and Scouting in Lawrence. Former Troop 55 Scoutmaster Dan Affalter was also recognized (along with Dave Ozaki and Joe King) with a engraved trail marker placed on the Tripp Anderson Trail of Honor. Thanks to all those who attended.


October 29th, 2016 – Forestry Merit Badge, Kansas City

5 members of T55 attended on the 29th at Blue Valley Park and earned their Forestry merit badge.  They had 2 hrs instruction from members of Heartland Tree Alliance as they rotated through 5 stations.  Then each scout planted 12 trees next to the Blue River.


October 1-2, 2016 – Canoe the Kaw Lake Perry, KS

28 Scouts and 5 Scouters Camped at Slough Creek on Perry Lake and Canoed and Kayaked the day away. Canoeing Merit Badge strokes were taught and most of the boys completed the stroke skills course by the end of the day. Thanks to our new Honchos (Khatib and Merritt) for organizing the campout, kayaks, and safety training. We had to switch from the Kansas River Campout to  the Lake due to high water levels on the river. Maybe next year.


September 2016 – Annual Muzzleloaders Campout, McPherson KS

Waiting on pictures (sorry)

September 3rd & 5th, 2016 – Sea Base Training Lake Perry, KS

10 Scouts and 3 Scouters boarded a 22 foot sailboat on Perry Lake for some sailing lessons before next years Sea Base Tall Ship Bahamas Adventure.  Weather was perfect on Saturday but the winds were challenging on Monday. The boys had to stay near the dam to block the wind a bit.


August 30, 2016 – New Eagle Scout in Troop 55

Congratulations to Sadra on attaining the rank of Eagle Scout! Thank you to all those who served on his Board of Review.


August 29, 2016 – Troop Elections

Troop Elections were held, congratulations to all those elected to new Positions of Responsibility. Our new SPL is Daniel!

IMG_2425 IMG_2426

August 26-28, 2016 – Lazy Days Campout at Camp Bromelsick

22 Scouts and 5 Scouters enjoyed a weekend of surprisingly nice weather (it was supposed to rain all weekend).  4 Square, cooking, camping, fishing, hiking, and Trail to First Class requirements were the activities. In the evening we had a reverse campfire where everyone selected the skits and songs they have seen and sung way to many times. Good times by all.

IMG_2411IMG_2415IMG_2417IMG_2418 IMG_2420IMG_2424

August 17th, 2016 – Troop 55’s Newest Eagle Scout, Ahmed!

Congratulations Ahmed on passing your Board of Review with the stellar panel of Rich Bailey, John Spain, Brad Lindner, Jim Peterson, Scott Gates, and Chrisy Khatib. Ahmed’s Eagle project was renovating the garden and creating an outdoor classroom at Elementary School. He also built Buddy Benches for the school – take a look at the video


Bartle Days 4-10, 2016

Due to inconsistent internet service at Bartle we were unable to post regularly. Catch up here and at the Troop Burgess Facebook site for more pictures. We had a blast with our 51 Scouts and 17 leaders.


Bartle Day 3, July 19, 2016

the Hike to Iconium! More merit badges and goofy staff guys from Troop 55.


Bartle Day 2, July 18, 2016

A day filled with merit badges, action archery, meatball sandwich lunch and mystery meat dinners.


Bartle Day 1, July 17, 2016


bTroop 55 Eagle Scouts Selling Camp T-Shirts, July 11, 2016

4 (over 18 but under 21) Eagle Scouts are selling T-shirts to a soon to be Eagle Scout, before going to H. Roe Bartle Scout Reservation before summer camp. These fine young men are giving up 10 days of work, girlfriends, and air conditioning to help the younger boys in the Troop with merit badges and advancement. At the last meeting they sold over 100 t-shirts and hoodies. You guys are awesome examples of Eagle Scouts!


H. Roe Bartle Staff Paint Elevations: June 30 and July 2, 2016

Congratulations to Troop 55’s newest Tom Tom Beaters (David and Andrew) and newest Keepers of the Sacred Bundle (Michael and Charlie) who are hanging up their Runner Bells on a very rainy ceremony night. The 5 Troop 55 staff members are having a great summer. Well done Scouts you make our Troop proud!


Watkins Mill State Park Campout in Missouri: June 10-12, 2016

20 Scouts and 6 Scouters ventured out into the summer time heat to enjoy the beautiful Boy Scout camping area at Watkins Mill and tour the Watkins Home and Mill built in the 1850’s-60’s. The Scouts were finishing up Textiles Merit Badge by visiting the mill and seeing how wool textiles were made during the Industrial Revolution. The group also visited the Watkins Home and farmstead and visited the old 1860’s Church and octagon School House which showed how people really lived back before the turn of the century. On Saturday morning the boys hiked around the lake completing a 4 mile loop and then finished up in the afternoon with another miles and a half hike around the Mill and farmstead.


Pelathe District Cub Day Camp: June 6-9, 2016

Keegan, Colton, and Reed worked on Cub Day Camp Staff at the Douglas County/4H Fairgrounds this year. Along with 2 Troop 55 Scouters on Staff (Mrs. Jakmouj – Camp Director and Mrs. Bhattachan – First Aid) and 4 Troop 55 Scouters who went as walking leaders with cub packs. The Scouts ran obstacle courses, worked on the BB Gun range, Archery range, and sling shot range over the 4 days. Mr. Burdick also presented one day on boats for the Floats and Boats Cub Elective. On the final day the Lawrence Fire Department came out and sprayed the boys from the top of the ladder truck. A cooling finish to the 90 degree day!


Lawrence City Band Concert Flag Raising: June 8, 2016

Troop 55 Scouts raised the flag again this summer at the Lawrence City Band Concert. The music was dedicated to War Veterans from WWII to today. The weather was beautiful and the Scouts got to meet and talk to one of our local WWII veterans and thank him for his service. Thanks Seth, Joe, and George!


Troop 55 Reunion: June 4, 2016

Lots of Troop 55 members current and former visited the Burgess Scout Cabin between 2-4pm. Old friends had great conversations, Scouts horsed around in the tipi, and everyone enjoyed the renovations to the cabin. Old Scouters checked out the pictures and found their sons’ Eagle feathers. Thanks to all those parents, Scouts, and Scouters who helped with the renovations so far and prepped the cabin for the party. Especially Colton for making the displays!


Quidditch Cup/Blacksmithing Campout: May 12-15, 2016

46 Scouts and 11 Scouters attended the infamous 3rd annual Quidditch Cup Camp Out this year. The campout was coupled with the Blacksmithing campout due to the District Camporee last fall and it worked out quite well. The sorting hat ceremony was held at Friday night’s campfire and the houses were created. The matches went on all day Saturday and when Scouts were not playing Quidditch they were using the Troop Forge to Blacksmith. This years winning house….Ravenclaw! Gryffindor falls for the first time. Thanks to Mr. Chapman and Mr. Peterson for setting up and running the forge and teaching blacksmithing again.


National Anthem at Kansas Speedway: May 14, 2016

3 of 7 Eagle Scouts singing the National Anthem to start the Scout Strong Challenge Marathon and 5k at the Kansas Speedway were from Troop 55. Good job Charlie, Michael and Simon. Well sung and we will see the singing Pelathe Eagles again at the Scout Day with Sporing KC.


Monarch Watch Garden Program: May 7th, 2016

Scouts from Troop 55 helped educate, build, and plant milkweed gardens for the Monarch Watch Program at KU in Lawrence.

monarchmonarch watch daymonarch

Welcome To Webelos: May 7th 2016

Troop 55 Scouts helped out at the Pelathe District Welcome to Webelos Cub Scout Campout by running the water rocket station. Groups of Webelos and Arrow of Lights moved through stations. Our Troop station was the water rockets and it was a “blast!”


Earth Day at South Park: April 23rd, 2016

Troop 55 helped the Douglas County Health Department run the bicycle valet for the Earth Day Celebration at South Park. Scouts parked bicycles in a valet parking area for people who wanted to visit Earth Day exhibits in the park and shop on Mass. Street. They also sized and gave away free children’s bicycle helmets from the Lawrence Fire Department. It was a beautiful day!


Pelathe District Camporee: April 8-10, 2016

33 Scouts and 9 Scouters ventured to the planet Mars (via Camp Bromelsick) for the Pelathe District Camporee, “Mars Needs Scouts.”  They did the alien shoot, launched 2 liter bottle rockets, built and navigated a “Mars Rover.” Did pioneering activities and orienteering. A blast (pun intended) was had by all.

rovermars rover 2alien

Devil’s Den Arkansas Spring Break Camp Out: March 12-15, 2016

16 Scouts and 7 Scouters enjoyed a little rain and a lot of sunshine at Devil’s Den State Park in Arkansas. We hiked the Yellow Rock Trail, the Devil’s Den Trail, and everywhere else in the Park including the awesome hill behind our campsite (see pictures). The Scouts cooked up some mean meals in dutch ovens, over the camp stoves, and of course in foil packets. Jet Boils and  freeze dried meals were the fare on day 2 along with a lot of hiking. Day 3 brought another hike and we did service projects for the park in the afternoon. We moved brush in paths to stop wayward hikers for eroding areas off marked trails, removed cairns (at full request of the Arkansas Park Service to eliminate erosion – even though we thought they looked kind of cool), cleaned fire pits, and built a rock path across a small spring fed stream. Oh yeah, and after a class we are all experts on frog and toad calls – just ask one of us to imitate a spring peeper or spade foot toad!

IMG_1614 IMG_1582IMG_1606 IMG_1587IMG_1593

First Year Scouts Camp In: March 5-6, 2016

14 New Scouts, 4 Troop Guides, the Senior Patrol Leader, 1 ASPL, and 3 Leaders completed the annual First Year Camp In at the Burgess Scout Cabin this weekend. The SPL Staff and Troop Guides led the boys in making patrols, patrol names, calls, and leader elections. Then the boys made their first meal plans as patrols together, hiked to HyVee and shopped, then learned how to use Coleman Stoves and made their meals for the first time on the stoves. After dinner the boys began work on their Scout Rank Badges by going through stations led by the Troop Guides and Senior Patrol Leader. After the long day we camped “in” the Burgess Scout Cabin. Exciting first outing for our new Scouts!

IMG_1545 IMG_1547IMG_1548 IMG_1552IMG_1554 IMG_1558IMG_1559IMG_1563

Troop Elections Feb. 22nd, 2016

Congratulations to our new Senior Patrol Leader Nick, ASPL’s, Patrol Leaders, Quartermasters, Scribes, Chaplains Aides, etc.


City Museum, St. Louis MO.: February 12-14, 2016

36 Scouts and 10 Scouters braved the cold night on Friday and then headed out Saturday morning to the City Museum in St. Louis MO. The museum was an interactive blast. Scouts climbed, crawled, spun, slide, and played throughout the museum. Highlights included the 10 story slide, the maze of caves, climbing outside in the “habitrail” like maze, running on the human sized hamster wheel, and watching the indoor circus. Fun times for all in this unique all hands on museum. We camped that night in a Church Hall. Nice and warm. Then made our treacherous journey back through a raging snow storm to Lawrence. All the drivers were expert at with their snow driving skills and we safely and easily made it home!


Strataca Salt Mine Campout: January 16-18, 2016

40 Scouts and 11 Scouters traveled to Huchinson KS to camp in the Strataca Salt Mines. Friday night (20 degrees) was spent outside the Burgess Scout Cabin then Saturday night we moved into the Salt Mine (68 degrees). First we went down the mine shaft 650 feet on a double decker elevator through an aquifer and down to the former Permian Sea (299 million years old). Above us, below us and around us was salt!  We toured the mine on a walking tour, then a train ride and a trip through the underground museum. The museum has a whole bunch of movie props, medical records, etc. that are stored safely there. Some originals were on display including a Superman costume, Batman costume, Mr. Freeze’s costume, the Dorothy II from the movie Twister, a Mr. Anderson mannequin, etc.


Wilderness Survival Camp Out December 19-20, 2015

It was an awesome weather campout for December. Close to 50 degrees all day and down to 45 at night. The shelters were incredibly well built this year and despite the high winds all shelters stayed thoroughly intact through the night. Lashing and Totin Chip skills were put to the test. Nice work Scouts!


Fort Leavenworth Camp Out  November 13-15, 2015

26 Scouts and 9 Scouters once again enjoyed perfect camping weather on the Historic Trails Hike at Fort Leavenworth Army Base. We camped on the base Scout Camp just down the hill from the stables. Our hike was 10+ miles on Saturday and we went through the cemetery, around the stable area, and through a wood trail section. After lunch we hiked to the Buffalo Soldiers’ memorial and African America soldiers memorial, then on to the museum which had really awesome artifacts in it. They even had a display for the Fort’s Boy Scout Troop.  After the museum we hiked up on the bluff overlooking the Missouri River, saw some cool canons and then went to the old base prison for a tour. We finished with dinner back at the camp, some flashlight tag and a whole lot of campfire sitting and chatting. Great campout! —-(last picture: are the boys breaking into the prison or trying to escape?)

cemeterycanoncanon with wierdIMG_1299IMG_1304IMG_1317

Game Night and Campout Prep for Fort Leavenworth November 9, 2015

42 Scouts had loads of fun at the Troop Game night, and while some played we had one boy advance to Life Scout, another get his Eagle Project approved (go Lane), and yet another completed his Eagle Scoutmaster Conference and is ready for his Eagle Board of Review (go Simon). Big night for Troop 55!


Pelathe District Camporee – The Battle of Black Jack Re-enactment October 23-25, 2015

23 Scouts and 5 Scouters enjoyed perfect fall weather to re-enact the Battle of Black Jack on the original battle site near Baldwin KS. The Scouts camped in canvas wall tents similar to the 1850’s tents and dressed in period clothing to do the re-enactment. A John Brown re-enactor discussed the battle and time period with the Scouts and there was a tour of the site.


Troop Court of Honor September 27th, 2015

Troop Court of Honor was held at Camp Bromelsick Monday evening at 6:30 p.m. under the shelter. Over 250 merit badges and awards were awarded, along with numerous rank advancements. The Troop now has 27 active Life Scouts. Wow!


Muzzleloaders Campout – September 11-13, 2015

Troop Court of Honor was held at Camp Bromelsick Monday evening at 6:30 p.m. under the shelter. Over 250 merit badges and awards were awarded, along with numerous rank advancements. The Troop now has 27 active Life Scouts. Wow!

Lazy Days Campout – August 14-16, 2015

37 Scouts and 8 Scouters spent an absolutely beautiful perfect weather weekend at Camp Bromelsick. A Troop 55 tradition is to have a Lazy Days (no set agenda) camp out after summer camp. The boys built forts in the forest, swam, played football and volleyball, and 18 boys decided to work on Canoeing Merit Badges down at the pond. In the evening we had a campfire with skits, songs, and general entertainment by Sadra. Canoeing Merit Badge group did launching and landings, controlled capsizing of a canoe, towing a swamped canoe, and deep water canoe rescues. It was an entertaining day for the Lifeguards and spotters on shore.

IMG_1033 IMG_1037IMG_10392015-08-15 14.35.51swamp dudesswamp x 2

swamp on shoredeep water

Storm the Kasold – August 8th, 2015

Pelathe District put on a recruiting event stretching up Kasold Road from 15th Street to about 10th. Tons of activities including a dunk tank, rock wall, zip lines, etc. Troop 55 opened up their cabin to the Monarch Watch folks, ran the tomahawk range, and the Heschmeyers set up sun friendly telescopes to view the sun and its sun spots. Thanks to everyone who helped.


H. Roe Bartle Scout Reservation (Summer Camp) – July 16-25, 2015

60 Scouts and 11 Scouters enjoyed an adventure packed, merit badge busy summer camp. Our camp was Lone Star, our campsite was Mohican. We went with pink shirts and cowboy hats as our theme this year. Scouts were busy at the Handicraft Lodge, Eco-Lodge, Davis Lodge, Lakefront, Archery Range, Rifle Range, Outposts, Up and Down Cave, etc. Most daunting merit badge: Lifesaving, easiest: Basketry. We also had the joy of having two copperheads visit our camp. This year we had 13 new Foxmen, 12 new Braves, 4 new Warriors (2 campers + 2 on staff), 4 new Firebuilders (2 campers +2 on staff), 1 new Tom Tom Beater, 4 new Runners (1 campers + 3 on staff), and 1 new Shaman on staff. Thanks to all 7 guys from our Troop that served on staff all summer. All in all a really great summer camp!

IMG_0972IMG_0969IMG_0945IMG_0926IMG_0906Tharp meatball sandwichIMG_0988IMG_0974merit badge classmustachio

Philmont Trek – June 10-24, 2015

7 Scouts and 2 Scouters went on a trek to Philmont. Despite rainy weather everyone had a great time and completed the trek with great enthusiasm.

Troop 55 Philmont 15

Philmont HikePhilmont rock Tharp

Family Campout at Clinton Lake – June 12-14, 2015

21 Scouts, 9 Scouters and about 30 family members attended the Family Campout at flooded Clinton Lake. It rained off and on but a good time was had by all. Horse shoes, frisbee, volleyball, fishing, and butterfly shooing were the entertainment. The potluck dinner with Chef Rick cooking the hamburgers and hotdogs was awesome, and the dutch oven desserts made by the all the Scouts were some of the best yet! Thanks to all who attended and best wishes to the boys at Philmont, Swampbase, and one staff at Bartle or in England who could not be there. We missed you guys and so did the swarms of Kansas Butterflies who also attended the campout.


Order of the Arrow Ordeal make up Ceremony – June 11th, 2015

After getting stormed out back in April the Ordeal Candidates finally go their ceremony and are officially members of the Order of the Arrow, Tamegonit Lodge at Camp Naish. Congratulations Scouts, Noah, Ian, Ben, George, Avery, Andrew, Colton, Joe, and Lex (on the 17th) and way to show patience after a long workday and a month of waiting to get your arrow and sash! We still have a few more Ordeal Candidate to make up, see you guys at Naish soon!

lex ordealIMG_0749IMG_0755

Swamp Base Trek – June 15-22, 2015

2 Scouts (Chris and Nick)  and 2 Leaders (Kennedy and Braden) from Troop 55 joined the Lawrence’s all girl Venture Crew 2052 for a trek to Swamp Base in the Atchafalaya Swamps, Louisiana. They spent six days and six nights paddling over 60 miles in kayaks around the swamp. The saw alligators, fished with nets and trout lines, and camped Cajun style. They also caught the biggest catfish ever caught by a Swamp Base Trek! Good job guys.

kennedy catswamp baseswamp base camping

Flag Ceremony at Lawrence City Band Concerts – June 10 and 17, 2015

Troop 55 sent a 5 Scouts to the Lawrence City Band Concert for the raising of the colors. A drumroll by the band played as the flag was raised and then the band struck up the National Anthem. Nice work Scouts!


Sea Base Trek Returns – June 7, 2015

5 Scouts (Nick, Sadra, Liam, Quentin, and Matt) and Mr. Houston returned from a fantastic trip on Sea Base’s tall ship the Jolly Rover. Good times were had by all: snorkeling, learning ship etiquette and maintenance, swinging off the ship with a rope swing, visiting Key West and buying pirate regalia, and an island adventure.

sea base 2015Sea Basemast at seabaseseabase

Bromelsick Memorial Service – May 23, 2015

Thanks to all from Troop 55 who attended the Bromelsick Memorial Service. The Girls Scouts of Lawrence led the service and Troop 60 again did a fabulous job with the Flag Retirement Ceremony. Alfred Bromelsick, a successful Lawrence KS businessman died in 1950 and in his will created a trust for the benefit of the Boy Scouts, Girls Scouts, and 4-H Club of Lawrence. Every year all three groups get together for this memorial service and a Christmas party funded by the trust. The trust also pays for Camp Bromelsick, Hidden Valley Camp, and a portion of the Douglas County Fairgrounds. Thank you Bromelsick Foundation and Mr. Bromelsick.


Fire Safety Night Troop Meeting May 11, 2015

Wild night of fire safety and rescues at the Burgess Scout Cabin. A special thanks to the Lawrence Fire Department for coming out and training our boys in how to handle a fire. They brought out training equipment and every Scout got to put out a fire with a fire extinguisher. The boys also had CPR training with Dr. Kennedy, ran stretcher races through an obstacle course with weighted dummies, and escaped from a fire scenario. The cabin had the smoke machine, a white noise radio blaring, strobe light to mimic a fire alarm, red lights to simulate fire, and to cap it off there was a maze of tables the boys had to crawl through in partners practicing a real fire escape scenario in the dark. It was AWESOME!


Pelathe District’s Welcome to Webelos Weekend, Camp Bromelsick May 1-3, 2015

34 Scouts and 13 Scouters from Troop 55 organized and ran the Pelathe District’s Welcome to Webelos Weekend. Adventures in Scouting was the theme. The new Webelos and Webelos II’s got to go through six stations: BB Gun Shooting, Archery, Tomahawk Throwing, Climbing the Rock Wall, Flint and Steel Fire Starting, and Mountain Man Croquet. Weather rained a little bit but not enough to stop the fun. Special thanks to Rod H. for running our BB Gun range and Scott G. for running the Rock Wall.


Troop Court of Honor, April 27th, 2015 at the First United Methodist Church


Quidditch Cup Campout, Camp Bromelsick KS. April 17-19, 2015

49 Scouts and 13 Scouters slogged through the rainy weather to enjoy the 2nd Annual Quidditch Cup Campout. We had an awesome time despite the rain. Like, really. It was quite wet. The snitch was caught several times and Gryffindor wins again! The candy cart made a second appearance and chili dogs, chili, or hot dogs were the feast! Thank goodness the fireplace was there to dry wet sleeping bags and clothes. New tents are on their way.


Ha Ha Tonka State Park, Camdenton Mo. March 14-16, 2015

36 Scouts and 1o Scouters battled perfect weather to enjoy 3 days of hiking at Ha Ha Tonka State Park. The Weather was wonderfully 77 degrees in the day and a chilly 30 degrees in the night. They hiked to a ruined castle, a cave, under a huge natural bridge, and down to a clean water spring. They explored a small island full of climbing rocks and lookout points. It was amazing.

Ha Ha Tonka Signavery mtn goatcampfire shotview charlie connor aaron and danielnatural bridge w troopcastle bennie daniel mr. murray

First Year Camp-In March 7-8, 2015

10 Fine new first years went on their first troop event! They shopped and cooked for their first troop meal, learned the basics of scouting, and all earned their scout rank. The 4 Troop Guides and SPL ran most of the program and stayed over night, as well as the Scoutmaster and some Assistant Scoutmasters. The boys decided on a patrol name (The Predators), patrol flag, and patrol call. They learned to light and cook on Coleman Stoves and found out what it means to be in a boy led Troop. It was fun!!!

photo 2    photo 4

Klondike (70 degrees) Campout February 6-8, 2015

35 Scouts and 10 leaders braved the spring like weather on a sledless Klondike Campout. The weather was beautiful for February. No sleds this year, but the skills stations ran as usual. The skills stations included semaphore, tomahawk throwing, first aid carries, and Alex’s wooden chain carving course. 10 Scouts and 5 leaders went off on a 10 mile hike along the Blue Trail of Clinton Lake. They cooked breakfast and lunch on the trail to complete Cooking Merit Badge requirements. On their hike they saw 1 adult bald eagle and two immature bald eagles.

 Klondike 2015 stretcher carry Klondike 2015 carving tent Klondike 2015 liam carving Klondike 2015 Charlie B Klondike 2015 Dinner prep

Hidden Valley/IBEX Campout January 2-4, 2015

35 boys, 11 leaders, and 3 Junior Assistant Scoutmasters (all Eagle Scouts) attended the campout. While camping out at Hidden Valley Scout Camp in Lawrence, the weather Friday night was around 30 degrees then jumped up to 40 on Saturday. Perfect camping weather! The boys worked on their cooking merit badge requirements at breakfast and lunch, then packed up to head to IBEX Climbing Gym in Blue Springs, MO. Fazolis for dinner on the way and then an evening of fun and Climbing Merit Badge at IBEX. The leaders climbed as well (check out the Troop Burgess Facebook site for a video).

ibex boys smile ibex two climbers ibex sadra rappel  ibex degan crux ibex roping upIBEX cooking 2ibex honcho Gregg W

Troop Movie Night – December 27-28, 2014

29 boys and 7 leaders attended the annual Troop Movie Night at the Burgess Scout Cabin. PLC selected movies were Guardians of the Galaxy, Sharknado II, and Ghostbusters! Pizza and snacks in the evening and then the boys “camped in” the cabin and had donuts, juice and milk before going home the next morning.

boy scout movie poster

Holiday White Elephant Gift Exchange – December 22, 2014

What a great gift exchange, from serious to whimsical gifts. Fun was had by all! Most stolen gift items were the Chia Willie Nelson and any candy items. Thanks to Mr. Tharp for all of his decorations to the cabin.

xmas gabe first year   xmas simon xmas tharp jrxmas hesch and nationsxmas gabrielson open

Wilderness Survival Campout – December 6-7, 2014

38 Scouts and 6 Scouters took on the wilds of Camp Bromelsick’s east meadow. We started the day hiking to the meadow and then building survival shelters from the cedar trees (invasive species) scheduled for removal. 1,2,3, & 4 man shelters were built by varying groups of Scouts and Scouters. After completing the shelters the boys cooked their meals without pots and pans in a variety of interesting and mostly successful ways. On the menus were, foil burger meals, fish in foil, potatoes, shish kabobs, bananas with marshmallows and chocolate, cinammon apples, chicken in foil, and other yummy things. In the morning we disassembled packed up, and practiced leave no trace skills before leaving. A memorable campout.

 2man shelter4 man shelter scoutmaster shelter

Cosmosphere Campout – November 14-16, 2014

Troop 55 took 39 boys and 7 Scouters to the Cosmosphere in Hutchinson KS. The boys earned Aviation and Space Exploration merit badges, learned about the physics of aviation and space travel, evolution of rocketry, flew in F-18 flight simulators, experienced how the narrow dimensions of space travel in a Soyuz capsule and more – fantastic weekend.

Hutch Group 2014flight sim 2flight simairplane buildsoyuz capsuleRocket Building

Blacksmithing Campout – October 17-19, 2014

Excellent weather prevailed as 42 Scouts and 14 Leaders camped, hiked, blacksmithed, built native american attire, and generally had a fun time at Camp Bromelsick. The first years completed their 5 mile hike and 1 mile compass course, as well as Totin-Chip and Firem’n-chit. We camped at Camp Peterson or Singing Coyote, our regular Troop campsite. True to its name the coyotes howled like crazy just after we started our Troop Campfire. Good times had by all!

CAM00966 CAM00974 CAM00965 1413657582103 1413728566186

Muzzleloaders Campout – September 12-14, 2014

Kaw Valley Muzzleloaders was organized in 1978, and has been providing Buckskinners & Muzzleloaders with a warm fire to call home for nearly 30 years. Our main goal is to promote the sport of muzzleloading and to preserve our American heritage. We provide black powder shooters and others with an interest in the pre-1840 lifestyle a place to gather for friendly competitive shooting and good conversation.

muzzle burn muzzle shoot muzzle throwkn muzzle group

Jayhawk COPES Course Campout August 22-24, 2014

Over 13 did the COPES course, team challenges, milk crate stacking, and zip lines. Under 13 worked on Trail to First Class with the Troop Guides and older boys. A big thanks to all the leaders who came out and helped. Falley Scout Reservation has a lot to offer and improved campsites (we had hot showers!)

jay tube jay 1st years cooking jay camp

H. Roe Bartle Scout Reservation (Summer Camp) – July 17-26, 2014

59 boys and 17 leaders had an incredibly wonderful time at Bartle Scout Reservation again. The weather was awesome (only 3 days over 90 degrees) and the boys earned merit badges, had lots of outpost adventures, hiked to Iconium, and no snake bites! Thanks to Camp Scoutmaster Tharp and our Senior Patrol Leader Alex for pulling off an incident free, well organized, and fun filled camp at Sawmill.

3 amigosboardingfoxmencampfire

Family Campout Canoe Trip – June 6-8, 2014

36 Adventurous Scouts, Scouters, and family members braved the rainy elements on Saturday morning only to get rewarded with a sunny afternoon of canoeing and kayaking on the Niangua River near Windyville, Missouri. The river was fairly devoid of other canoers due to the morning rain, which made for a perfect day for the families who camped out.

happy canoers kayakers off of cliff water shot

Scouting 500 – MAY 16-18, 2014 

Wow! Troop 55 had 50 Scouts, 17 leaders, plus 1 scout photographer and 3 adult leaders on staff at the Scouting 500! We contributed to the 12,ooo other scouts and scouters there. Ziplines, scuba, archery, laser skeet shooting, bicycling, geocaching, surveying, cool cars, karate demonstrations, mechanic hands on activities, the national guard, fire departments, police departments, parachuters, fly overs, helicopters, a concert with the band Zero, fireworks display, a NASCAR race (which a former Boy Scout won!), and much more than we can possibly post here! It was incredible! Hats off to our adult Honchos Winchester and Wolf – you guys deserve a break this week.

Scouting-500-1_300x300s 500 3 amigoss 500 older boyss 500 wipeout

Quidditch Cup Campout – April 4,5,6 2014

April 4,5,6, 51 Scouts and 19 leaders enjoyed perfect conditions for Troop 55’s first ever Quidditch Cup Campout. The event started Friday night with a sorting hat ceremony which divided everyone into their respective Hogwarts Houses. Saturday morning after the boys ate by patrol, each house got trained in the rules of Quidditch by three veteran Free State High School Quidditch Team player in the troop (Alex, Simon, and Michael). After practicing in the morning the leaders were trained as referees and the games began in the afternoon. Brackets were filled out and the teams competed at levels unknown in Quidditch History. The snitch was a difficult catch as he had a 180 acre limit to his range! That evening after the winner was announced the incredible feast began, there were dragon legs, bangors and mashed potatos, chocolate frogs, golden snitch treats, sorting hat croissants, meat pies, and a trolley cart loaded with candy. Wow what a campout. Our sorting hats are off to all the moms who made this possible and to our two Honchos, Michael and Simon, for their two months of planning and leading that pulled this boy lead event off!

best windheuser burdick nations winchester waisner at hoop devoted fans hesch snape hagrid chocolate frogs professor quirrel burger mackey running golden snitch treats nations vs winchester at hoop

Devil’s Den Arkansas Campout and Hike: March 13-18, 2014

March 13-18, 27 scouts and 4 scouters braved all types of weather for a fantastic camping adventure in Arkansas. Saturday we drove down, blew out a tire on the trailer, fixed it, and then made our way to Devil’s Den State Park. That evening we set up camp and then the rain came down in buckets until Sunday afternoon when the rain changed to sleet, then snow until about 10pm. On Sunday morning we woke up to not only a steady downpour, but also 6 beautiful waterfalls running down to our camp site. They weren’t there the day before! Sunday afternoon we hiked the Devil’s Den trail in the rain and snow. The water made it even more beautiful. Sunday night was a balmy 24 degrees and we woke up to a Monday that turned out to be simply spectacular. The weather broke, the sun came out, and it reached 55 degrees that day. We liked that number! We hiked two more times that day for a combined total of approximately 9 miles. We then camped again on Monday night and broke camp the next morning heading for home.

2014-03-15 10.36.09 2014-03-16 11.26.31 2014-03-16 11.34.32 2014-03-16 11.34.37 2014-03-15 19.01.29

First Year Camp In, March 8-9, 2014

March 8,9    The First Year Camp In was a blast!  18 of our new first year scouts learned about the patrol method, organization of the troop, created two new first year patrols, elected leaders, created a shopping list, hiked to HyVee to shop for their dinners, purchased their dinner items, hiked back to the cabin, learned how to use camp stoves, cooked their dinners (hamburgers and tacos), did their dishes, went through 4 stations covering the Scout Badge, pulled out their sleeping pads and bags, and camped in! Whew, that was a lot for one day starting at noon! The two new Patrols are the Firebirds and Fire Eagles. Special thanks for this success goes to the Senior Patrol Staff and  Troop Guides who ran the show.  Mr. Heschmeyer, Mrs. Mackey, Mr. Moulton, and Mr. Burdick for organizing and supervising. And special thanks to Simon who dropped the first round of hamburgers.

CAM00540 1394317296720 CAM00537 CAM00533 1394317193349 1394305675727

Pelathe District Klondike Derby, February 7-9, 2014

February 7-9, Troop 55 took 31 scouts and 5 leaders to the Pelathe District Klondike Derby at the Lawrence F.O.P. Lodge grounds. Plenty of snow for the sleds to run on this year! Troop 55 swept the Derby with 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place overall. Activities included tomahawk throwing, shooting muzzleloaders, semaphore flag signaling, a ski race, ice rescue and first aid, and finally a fire building and snow to water boiling race. Our boys were well prepared for the activities and the cold. It was an awesome weekend of camping.

Klondike Camp copy                  Klondike 14 Sled Wolf

January 6, 2014 – New Scoutmaster Bob Burdick, Burgess Scout Cabin, Lawrence KS

Congratulations to outgoing Scoutmaster Rick Heschmeyer for 3 years of dedicated service and to incoming Scoutmaster Bob Burdick. Mr. Heschmeyer is not going anywhere and will still be involved with both the Troop and with Pelathe District as the Training Chair.

Strategic Air & Space Museum + Omaha Zoo Campout, Novmeber 8-10, 2013

On November 8-10 42 scouts and 14 scouters travelled north to Nebraska for a fun filled weekend.  On Friday night we stayed at the Eastern Nebraska 4-H Center in Gretna.  After breakfast Saturday morning we drove to neighboring Schramm State Park for free time exploring the Gretna State Fish Hatchery, the oldest hatchery in Nebraska.  From there we travelled to the Strategic Air & Space Museum.  It was Space Day at the museum and there were telescopes inside and out.  The museum was also visited by the cast of the Star Wars movies where photo ops were available.  We ate lunch in one of the museum hangars and got a special chance to visit the aircraft outside, including their B1 Bomber.  From the museum we drove to Simmons Conservation Park & Wildlife Safari where we got up close and personal with elk, deer, bison, bear and wolves.  Saturday dinner was at Valentino’s where we also celebrated our SPL’s birthday! After dinner we arrived at the Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha.  Night tours, a movie, and camping out in the Lied Jungle completed the day.  Sunday morning tours before the zoo opened were followed by breakfast and free time at the zoo until it was time to leave in the early afternoon.  All in all an awesome weekend!

photo photo2 photo3


In October, we held our Blacksmithing Campout at Camp Bromelsick.  41 scouts and 16 adults participated in blacksmithing, pioneering and other skills.  Each patrol added a pioneering project to their campsites at Camp Peterson.  The weekend was also filled with advancement program, with lots of requirement for advancement earned throughout the campout. After a rainy start on Friday, the weather was beautiful for the rest of the campout.



In September, we participated again in the Muzzleloaders Campout.  There were 39 scouts and 6 adults participating. Again, the weather was great for camping.  Seven members of the Troop 55 contingent came away with awards for their skills in the various competitions they participated in at this event. gate1



32 scouts and 14 scouters spent a warm, lazy weekend camping at Bromelsick that included fishing, bocce, ladder golf, telescope observing, waffle dogs, and what has to be a world record 10 continuous hours of four square.  Amazing how easily we are entertained. Thanks to everyone for a great weekend.



On April 17-19, 2013………………


On March 16-18, 14 scouts and 3 scouters participated in the Spring Break Kansas Capitols Trail Campout.  The Kansas Capitols Trail covers one of the most historic areas in the State of Kansas. It runs in a town which once was the Territorial Capital fostering a pro-slavery stand to the current Capital of what became a free state at the time of the Civil War. At two points along the Trail, hikers cross the Oregon Trail. The Trail from Tecumseh to Topeka also follows very closely the route of the Oregon Trail. After starting at the Capitol in Topeka, the team hiked 6 miles to Tecumseh where they camped for the night.  On the following day they hiked 14 miles to end their trip in Lecompton.  From there they moved to Bromelsick, where another scout joined the group.  After working on advancement during day three they returned to the cabin that evening.  During the campout the group experienced sunshine, clouds, cold, wind, drizzle, and a little freezing rain and snow.  In other words, typical spring weather in Kansas!  11 additional adults helped with transportation, camp set up, program, loading the trailer, and prepping gear. Everyone that completed the trail will be receiving a patch from the trailmaster as well.



On February 22-24, 37 scouts and 9 scouters participated in the Omaha Zoo Campout. Due to the recent heavy snows the original plan to soend Friday night at Camp Geiger in St. Joseph, MO had to be scrapped. Instead, the troop camped in the field adjacent to the Burgess Scout Cabin on Friday night on nearly a foot of snow.  Early Saturday morning, according to The Weather Channel, the temperature in Lawrence dipped to -1.  What a great winter camping experience. Two additional scouts camped Friday night at the cabin with the troop.  On Saturday morning, after hanging tents and loading cars the troop left for the Zoo.  Saturday the troop broke into small groups and spent the afternoon touring the Zoo.  After dinner at King Kong, the troop returned to the Zoo to camp in the Scott Aquarium.  A night tour of the “Kingdoms of the Night” exhibit in the lower levels of the desert dome followed.  Scouts slept in different areas of the Aquarium Saturday night. On Sunday morning scouts were given a tour of the Cat Complex and Gorilla Valley before heading home to arrive home before the next onslaught of winter weather hit Lawrence.



On January 26 & 27, 30 scouts and 7 scouters traveled participated in a campout that earned the scouts their Robotics Merit Badge. On Friday evening we camped at Camp Kanza in Abbyville, KS southwest of Hutchinson. Saturday morning we arrived at the Kansas Cosmosphere in Hutchinson bright and early. At the Cosmosphere we learned about robotics, toured the museum, watched  the film “The Last Reef” in the new Digital Dome Theater, and built, programmed and tested Lego Mindstorms robots to perform specific tasks. We ate lunch at the Hutchinson Community College Union cafeteria and dinner on the way home at a rest area north of McPherson. We enjoyed fantastic weather for the end of January, and a good time was had by all. Great job by the Cosmosphere staff as well. It was a fun weekend!



Over the holiday break Troop 55 had a trek visit Florida Sea Base.  Below is a link to an excellent trip report from Mr. Houston. Enjoy!

Troop 55 Crew Travels to the Florida Sea Base


On the first weekend of December we held our Wilderness Survival Campout on Skillman Ridge at Bromelsick.  The 25 scouts and 6 scouters built their own shelters for the campout, from single person units to large multi-person extravaganzas.  Two additional scouters joined us during the campout but did not camp. The shelters were excellent and kept the campers dry on Saturday morning in the heavy fog and dew. Primitive cooking for Saturday dinner and Sunday breakfast was delicious.  A lively game of hide and seek coupled with the campfires and s’mores made for an enjoyable evening on Saturday. This the first time Troop 55 has camped up on Skillman Ridge in recent memory. It is a very nice area now that it has been cleared.  In spite of the heavy fog the weather was outstanding for a December campout. What a great way to close out our camping year.



In November 36 scouts and 17 scouters camped at Bromelsick in our own Camp Peterson for our Blacksmithing Campout.  During the campout the scouts were able to fashion many useful objects at the forge and anvil: skewers, forks, strikers, and hooks to name a few.  In addition to the blacksmithing, scouts also carved a new Bromelsick sign to hang above the new upper camp entrance arch that was lashed and erected at the campout.  The Troop 55 tipi was painted, several scouts (and adults) carved some excellent walking sticks, a partially fallen tree was cleared in our campsite, and a new camping area was cleared across the meadow from Camp Peterson, resulting in lots of firewood for future campouts.  A special thanks to Mr. Chapman and Mr. Peterson for their hard work in planning and carrying out the blacksmithing and to everyone else that helped make this campout a great success.  All in all, a fun and full weekend of scouting.


25 scouts and 4 adults attended this year’s Pelathe District Fall Camporee.  The weather forecast was rather ominous going in, but improved right before the event started.  While in did rain hard during parts of the weekend, the Camporee went on.  The event ended up a success, a wet one, but a success nonetheless. Pattern developing?


Always a well-attended campout, this year was no exception. Troop 55’s 53 scouts and 13 adults made up almost half of all in attendance this year. While it was cloudy, the rain held off and the scouts were able to shoot black powder rifles, shotguns and pistols, and flintlock rifles. Primitive archery, flint and steel, and knife and tomahawk throwing rounded out the program. Great campout!


In August we travelled to southeast Nebraska to Indian Cave State Park.  Saturday afternoon, during a break in the rainfall, the 26 scouts and 10 adults attending were able to complete a five mile hike, visit an abandoned river town in the park and participate in a living history display at the park. Once back in camp the rain returned, harder than before. By 9 pm the park had received 12 inches of rain in 12 hours, our campsite resembled a bayou, and the temperature began to fall. Safety concerns prevailed and we broke camp and returned to (a dry) Lawrence shortly after midnight Sunday morning. A campout that no one in attendance will forget anytime soon.




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