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Congrats to all new first years!

Monday night, our 9 new first years arrived!



Tonight’s Meeting Monday Feb 26

Big night – our new Scouts join the troop!
  First Year (new first years) parents meeting, First Years meet with Mr. Moulton, Kanwaka Cleanup, Patrol change cleanup
  A special edible treat from Mrs. Jakmouj – teenagers like food, righscout bridgingt?


New Scouts join the troop!
  First Year (new first years) parents meeting
  First Years meet with Mr. Moulton
  Kanwaka Cleanup
  Patrol change cleanup

The reigns have been passed…we have a new SPL! Congrats!

Wilderness Survival Campout a Success!

Check out the pictures in recent events and photos. A good time had by all!


Tonight is our last meeting before our new Scouts join us! Also, it is election night! We will be holding elections for the Order of the Arrow and Troop Leadership.

 If you are one of the new Troop Guides or plan to run for Senior Patrol Leader or Assistant Senior Patrol Leader then mark your calendar for Saturday March 3rd from 11:30am – 8am Sunday morning for the camp in with our new first year Scouts.
  Also – all troop guides, SPL staff (senior patrol leader and assistants), patrol leaders, Troop Quartermaster and Troop Scribe should plan to attend the monthly Patrol Leader’s Council (PLC) which is usually held on the first Sunday of each month from 1:30 – 3pm. This meeting is where you plan the troop activities for the month.


  Signs, Signals and Codes Merit Badge with Mr. Moulton
  Grubmaster Training
  Game if time permits.